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Open Educational Systems

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* Theoretical topics about learning management and system for instruction management. Concepts: model of learning, learning management, systems for instruction management, interaction between controlled and controlling systems.

* E-learning as a base for an ideal system for open teaching in a school practice.

* Technologies for e-learning aplications in school practice.

* Theoretical approaches to model virtual educational systems.

* Computer educational systems for management of student learning.

* Introduction into Moodle system.

* Design of a scenario of an e-learning project supported by ICT and with using learning objects.

* Development of the e-learning project based on the scenario.


The main goal of this course is to introduce students with theoretical topics of using ICT as a virtual educational environment and to allow them to get some practical experiences with a set of educational models arranged in a virtual educational environment, to propose and to develop some educational situations for teaching supported by different types of ICT for communication an collaboration among pupils, for distribution of learning content, for learning activities and assessment of learning and teaching processes. The course is focused also on a topics about learning objects and learning object repositories.