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Administration of Technical and Information Systems

Class at Faculty of Education |


- actual state of evolution of technical and program equipment, news in networking services

- Informational school system

- Characteristics and functions of school IS, data environment of IS

- Didactical possibility of using IS

- Possibility to compare different systems from technical and program point of view

- Information systems administration

- Technical systems administration

- Watching WWW server load

- Remote access network administration programs

- Technical systems administration, backup, restore

- Actual state of SIP VZ


The target of subject K02 Administration of technical and informational systems is mainly based on adoption pieces of knowledge about technological elements and systems with accent on school's information systems and computer networks. Next in making deeper knowledge and skills which concerns administration of network elements and services and in getting chosen knowledge and skills.

The subject K02 is focused on actual reflection of actual state of ICT in educational system