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Building Multimedia Applications

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- Multimedia, requests for technical and programming equipment for creating multimedia applications

- Video recoding into computer

- Basic control, video camera handling and using, videoconferences, importing video into pC, video streaming

- Video editors, non-linear cut, video effects, key framing

- Audio editors, dabbing, signal correction, music

- Export to DV and (S)VHS, common mistakes

- Videodisc creation, compression programs for video and audio compression, preparing data for VCD, SVCD, XVCD, DVD, MiniDVD, PVCD, burning CD, DVD


The aim of subject K65 Multimedia applications creation continues on subject K52 Multimedia systems, and that in the direction of theory and practice creation of multimedia application. The task of this subject is to make deeper knowledge of students and to expand their competences in the field of preparing, own creation and using multimedia applications.

The goal of subject K65 Multimedia applications creation is to equip students with competences for stand-alone work with wider and more exciting multimedia application and projects. This subject is focused on usage of digitalized technology by getting visual and audio data.

The work with processing visual and audio data on computer, work with non-linear editation systems and making final edits.