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Authoring Systems and Tools

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Principles of creating teacher's application, introduction to algorithms, multimedia systems, possibilities for multimedia application creating, author's device

Basic theory of analog and digital processing audio and video, programs for processing audio and video, video and audio processing on computer

Macromedia Authorware, system interface, program division, interactive, animation usage, work with templates, application publishing

Macromedia Flash, environment and using program, vector graphic and bitmaps import, animation, symbols, ActionScript basics, flash animation export into HTML

WWW author's tools and programs, freeware for tuition support, comparing VLE systems for distance education

Project creating, realization, testing


The aim of study subject PC6 author systems and environment is to introduce students in following of present courses of PC system with priority, possibility and basic ways of creative using computer technology in teacher work and to motivate them for creative using computer in their future profession.

The goal of this subject is to give knowledge and skill needed for preparing spectrum of different types of didactical material for phases of preparing, running and diagnostic of tuition. Together the target it to get minimal practical skills with preparing own teaching materials on the computer and in connection with this also overview of the creation and quality of teaching application. From the point of view of content this subject beside theoretical part focus primary on the available author systems for creating teachers material. There is no need of special programming. Students follows own experience of text and graphic, presentation creating and simple WWW pages in HTML language. Using correspondent authors systems can create more difficult application in both WWW form and as computer programs.