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Special Painting I

Class at Faculty of Education |


* Sylabus:

New faces of painting in the confrontation with tradition understanding of painting, actual contextes of comterporary painting. Deepening of knowledges about paintigś techniques and materials, expressig meanses of painting

* Key words:

* Paintingś expression, expressig meanses, compozitional relations, art message, colour, light, character of surround, theme - content-form



Basic insruction about colour. Bacics of colourś composition. Colour in human life and in art. Paintings etudes and studies by the reality. Changes of paintingś expression and functions of colour in painting in special epoches and art style periods.

Functions and expressing roles in roman art, gothic art, renaissance, clasiscical and baroque art. Colour in romantic and realistic painting, change of function of colour in art of impressionosm and postimpressionism.

Colour in art education of childrenś expresing.