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Special health exercise I

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Forms of remedial physical education. Health classification.

Relations between Physical education and Remedial or Therapeutic physical education. Structure and composition of lessons.

Didactic principles of RPE. Correct and wrong posture, physical exercises and their influence on the posture.

Functional and kinesiologic diagnosis, testing and assessment techniques and scales. Local exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises, relaxation and breathing exercises, balance and motor control exercises.

Application of gymnastic tools, requisites and apparatus - balance balls, elastic bands, stucks, Indian clubs, ribstalls, balance benches, beams, ladders. Acquiring basec motor skills (practice) and elementary diagnostic skills (observing and assessment).


Health Aspects in the system of Physical Culture an Physical Education. The Education aiming to the correct posture of the human body, goals and principals of its learning.

The muscle dysbalance and its results. Mastering of specific diagnostic methods and basic remedy means.