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Cybernetics• Cybernetics and its division• Key terms - the information system model and related concepts• Systems and species management• Control, automationAutomation and technical elements• Sensors, components for roboticsInformatics• Science as a discipline• Computer scienceInformation Theory• Information, need• Information Technology, Computer Science• Information and entropy• Source and carrier information, alphabet and symbolsData Compression• Properties compression algorithms, lossless algorithmsError-correcting Codes• The principles of error correcting codes and their evaluationTheory of finite automata• Finite automata as an abstract machine• Mealy and Moore automata• Implementation of the machineTuring machine• Abstract model of a Turing machine• The concept of associative memoryVon Neumann scheme of computers• Von Neumann block diagram of a computer and its work• Comparison with the principle of Turing machines


The aim of the course is to provide students with a broad overview of the basic fields of informatics and cybernetics, which form the basis for further study of information technology. Study subject aims to build students' knowledge of the general principles of cybernetics and computer science and the ability to understand the terminology.

The course assumes knowledge of basic processes of algorithms and data structures that are within the subject being associated with the general principles of computer science and paradigms.