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Graphics Software Practice

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The mission of the course is to achieve the student's understanding of basic principles and methods of processing graphic data on the computer, thus creating conditions for effective creative work with graphic tools. Objective of the course is in mastering the knowledge and activities in the field of computer graphics related to managing working with graphical data, including knowledge of the various ways of acquiring and editing of graphic data and characteristics of the corresponding facilities and programs. •THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF COMPUTER GRAPHICS.

Analytical and computational geometry in computer graphics. •GRAPHIC DATA. Bitmap data, color attribute, bit attribute, vector data. •CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DIGITAL IMAGE.

Image resolution, interpolation, color transformation, dithering, image brightness, histogram, gamma. •GRAPHIC FILES AND FORMATS. Types and characteristics of image formats, raster formats, vector formats, metaformats. •CREATING AND PROCESSING OF GRAPHICS.

Acquisition of graphic data, the sensor elements light sensitive, scanners, digital photos, programs for creating and processing of graphics. •WORK WITH BITMAP AND VECTOR GRAPHICS EDITOR. Available tools and features of the program, options for creating bitmap graphics, basics of creating vector objects. •WORKING WITH GRAPHICS.

Editing and conversion of graphic files.