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Robotics and Process Control in Education II

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Basic concepts and general principles robotechnikySystems of industrial robots and manipulatorsControl systems of robots Relations between the design solutions and use properties of robots Software of control systems of robots, general and problem-oriented programming languagesOrganization for cooperation of industrial robotic and manipulators with conventional production facilitiesModelling work of the robot using system LEGO MINDSTORMS


The mission of the course is to acquaint students to the processes of automation and robotics in everyday practice and introduce to the issue of CNC machines, vending machines and computer control of production. Basic aim of the course is a practical introduction with school systems, that support teaching robotics.

Teaching of this subject is also will focus on developing programming techniques in an iconic and graphic development environments, which contains fully standard programming elements, such as loops, conditions, working with strings, an extensive mathematical apparatus and the strong support of graphical presentations of results.