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Leisure-time activities

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Definition of the concept of interest in the context of leisure-time pedagogy; The relationship between interests, needs and abilities from an ontogenetic point of view, the function of interests and interest activities in a person's life, factors influencing the development of interests. Legislation for the management of interest departments within entities implementing organized interest activities.

Spontaneous and organized interest activities depending on pedagogical diagnosis. Goals of interest activities in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

Methods and organizational forms of interest activities; Structure of the meeting of the department of interest, preparation of the leader for the meeting. Motivation for interest activities, solving the relationship between the principle of voluntariness and pedagogical influence; Participation of members of the interest department in activities.


The lesson builds on the knowledge of the field of leisure pedagogy and will enable understanding of the wider pedagogical-psychological and legislative context of the realization of interest activities. It develops the professional skills of leading interest departments within entities implementing organized interest activities.

Practical techniques in the seminar are used as self-experience supports for the development of didactic skills.