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Prevention of risk behavior

Class at Faculty of Education |


1.Defining the issue of risky behavior.

2. Manifestations of risky behavior in the school environment.

3. Contexts of risky behavior of children and adolescents.

4. Causes of risky behavior of children and adolescents.

5. Prevention and solution of risky behavior.

6. School preventive program and social pedagogy.

7. School and family cooperation with other institutions in solving manifestations of risky behavior.


The subject familiarizes students with specific educational problems at school, disciplinary offenses and their various manifestations, with risky behavior as such. It shows the possibilities of analyzing causes, or factors involved in their origin and development.

It offers various approaches, means and methods by means of which it is possible to prevent these phenomena in schools or to solve them subsequently. The course program is based on the students' personal experience with the problematic behavior of children and youth in primary and secondary schools and the knowledge gained from previous studies.