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Social Psychology

Class at Faculty of Education |


1. Social psychology - concepts, methods

2. Socialization, developmental perspective, enculturation

3. Identity, self-concept, self in social psychology

4. Attitudes and their change

5. School class as a small social group

6. Aggression, Prosocial behavior

7. Social cognition

8. Group relations

9. Social influences

10. Stereotypes, prejudices


Social psychology is one of the subdisciplines of psychology and focuses on how people interact, how they influence each other and how they judge others. This course builds on the Basics of Psychology and deepens knowledge in specific areas of interest in social psychology.

We will get acquainted in more detail with topics such as socialization, identity in a social context, attitudes, school class as a small group, social cognition, group and social influences, prosocial behavior, stereotypes and prejudices. Emphasis will be placed on usability in a pedagogical context.