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Basics of Pediatrics and Social Paediatrics

Class at Faculty of Education |


1. Organizing prevention and treatment for children and adults.

2. Basics of neonatology, newborn screening.

3. The connection of biological and social-psychological pediatric development with potential pediatric health issues (children?s illnesses, causes and results of injuries).

4. Immunizations, regular checkups, immune system disorders, allergies

5. Health risks connected with school and pre-school attendance.

6. Basic social demographic data, social pathological phenomena, looking at current and future trends in the population.

7. Pediatric development, development stages and children?s needs, requirements and children?s rights.

8. Documentation that guarantee healthy pediatric development.

9. Family, substitute family care, family therapy.

10. Endangered and affected groups of children and ways of resolving occurring problems (interdisciplinary work)


The reason of this course is to bring closer the health and social problems related to pediatric and adolescent care. The focus is on principles of growth and development based on specific stages.

Also the importance of prevention care for optimal pediatric development is outlined. The course is following on the WHO Health 21 course which stressed the importance of a healthy start in life.