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Movement and Halthy Lifestyle

Class at Faculty of Education |


1) Sports and physical activities in relation to health and quality of life.

2) The role of prevention and compensation. Movement and the importance of its quality.

3) Basic terms of pathology, causes of musculoskeletal disorders, basic types of musculoskeletal system disorders.

4) Importance of early and systematic development of motor abilities in human life.

5) Motivation of children to physical activity and sports activities.

6) Health aspects of physical activities in individual age periods.

7) Components of a suitable movement regime with preventive effect.

8) Risks of diseases (circulatory, metabolic, etc.) in persons with lower physical activity.

9) Principles of preparation of fitness programs.

10) Problems of hypokinetic way of life, importance of physical activities for health.


The subject provides insight into the theoretical background of physical activities in various types of health weaknesses. It has a motivational character for a deeper study of the issue, develops a relationship to physical activities and sport.

It provides the basis for educational, lecturing and counselling activities in matters of lifelong implementation of health-promoting physical activities.