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Seminar on personal and social education

Class at Faculty of Education |


1. The concept of Personality and social education in the curriculum with regard to the field of health education in connection with general didactics (theoretical foundations, terminology).

2. Goals in the area of self-knowledge, personal development, social skills, attitudes and values (affective domain; operationalized goal)

3. Pedagogical diagnostics (reference frame of the group; group needs; psychological safety, eustress)

4. Didactics of Personal and Social Education (the relationship between the situational concept of education and the core activity as an opportunity for learning; OSV principles: practical, personified, accompanying/reflection). Didactic procedures with play (specifics of experiential pedagogy, dramatic education and artephyletics).

5. Group dynamics and class work.


The subject opens up the issue of personality and social education for implementation in the field of health education and respects the concept of the cross-cutting topic of Personality and Social Education included in the Framework Education Program. The specifics of OSV didactics are being worked on.

At the same time, the subject opens up space for the application of the fields of dramatic education, artephyletics, education through experience for personality and social education within the field of health education.