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Lecturing practice with reflection

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Practice Organization

Before starting the practice, the student must complete a course on Moodle. Link:

The student arranges the implementation of the practice in a suitable organization focused on professional or leisure education for adults.

The student's obligation is to work continuously throughout the semester with a stable group of adults in the chosen organization. With the agreement of the organization and the guarantor of the parallel group, the student's work may be distributed differently, but it is essential to maintain the scope of the practice.

Students secure practice in a selected facility specializing in adult leisure or professional education. The choice of the practice facility must be discussed with the guarantor of the parallel group.


Introduction to Lecturer Practice

Andragogical Basics

Working with Observation Sheets

Appropriate Strategies for Taking Notes from Observations

Analysis of Audits and Their Use in Practice

Reflection and Self-reflection

Personal Preparation and Practice

Joint Analyses

Course Outputs for Practice

Course Evaluation


This type of alternative practice allows students to gain practical experience in facilities where they can apply for positions as instructors in adult leisure or professional education after completing their bachelor's degree. This particularly involves educational agencies and institutions, non-profit organizations, and other entities.

During the practice, students observe the work of instructors, assist them, and help prepare and implement various educational activities for adults. The practice is reflected upon, and students create written records of its progress.

Through their work and behavior in the leisure facility, students represent the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague. They adhere to the internal regulations of the facility and occupational safety rules, which they are obliged to familiarize themselves with.

Students also respect confidentiality obligations and the protection of personal data. Further information can be found on the website of the Center for Educational Practice at the Faculty of Education, Charles University: [link] (