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Practice of Education with Reflection I

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1. Preparation for the internship - selection of the institution (teaching pedagogy, consultation with the supervisor of the internship), determination of the timetable. 2. Conducting the internship

Schedule of listening sessions with the supervising teacher, written records of listening sessions, analysis with the supervising teacher, preparation and implementation of the actual teaching.

Student activities in the school:

Focused classroom listening sessions (content, communication and teaching strategies), analytical analysis with the accompanying teacher. preparation and implementation of own teaching, analysis with the accompanying teacher analytical analyses of lessons taught by the student with the supervising teacher, faculty and classmates preparation of a portfolio of practice, joint reflection at the final seminar of practice, presentation of one lesson of pedagogy taught, opportunities and risks described by the student and the accompanying teacher of practice.


The course consists of two phases. In the first phase, students plan and then implement their practice in a selected educational or training facility.

They build on the theoretical knowledge acquired during their previous studies. They develop a portfolio containing the objectives of their practice, a description of the institution and record detailed preparations and analysis of their activities.

In the second phase, the teachers evaluate the activities of the individual students on the basis of the portfolio presentations and formulate recommendations for further teaching practice.