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Modern English II

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Module 4. THE GLOBAL VILLAGE (WEEK 1-4) part A: A small world?

Language input: sleep, similar words/idioms/word pairs, word formation: prefixes/suffixes

Vince self-study: V19: word formation part B: Making a difference

Language input: issues and opinions, language to express probability and certainty, noun clauses

Vince self-study: G19, G20, G21 Phrasal verbs, V10 social problems

Module 5. CONTROVERSY (WEEK 5-8) part A: Global Issues

Language input: global issues, word formation, modifying (un)gradable adjectives, adv-adj collocations

Vince self-study: V14 world issues part B: An open society?

Language input: security, intensifying expressions, conditionals

Vince self-study: G7 conditionals  module 6. COMMUNICATION (WEEK 9-12) part A: Getting your message across 

Language input: phrasal verbs, TALK/SPEAK/SAY expressions, informal expressions of speaking and understanding, spelling, easily confused words

Vince self-study: G23 punctuation, spelling part B: A sixth sense 

Language input: emotional reactions, gerunds and infinitives

Vince self-study: G16: verbs + infinitive or –ing


The aim of the subject is to develop students' language skills from B2/B2+ level to C1 level (CEFR). The course is based on systematic work with the core coursebook, however, there are also obligatory sources required by the teacher. The course works with students on the development of practical skills regarding speaking, reading, listening and writing.