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Modern English III

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UNIT 7: Values part A: Home matters

Language input: easily confused words, idioms related to home and family, cleft sentences part B: Seeing the world

Language input:  travelling, past tenses for hypothetical meanings

(M. Vince HW: G8, V2)  

UNIT 8: A rich life part A: Mixing business and pleasure

Language input: vocabulary related to business, negative introductory expressions, fronting part B: A means to an end?

Language input: vocabulary related to spending and investing, comparatives and superlatives

(M. Vince HW: G11, G12, V7, V8, V17)  

UNIT 9: The world of science part A: Personal challenges

Language input: vocabulary related to space, vocabulary related to seeing, idioms with like, reported speech part B: Brain power

Language input: vocabulary related to the mind, nouns/adjectives/verbs + prepositions, prepositions + ing forms

(M. Vince HW: G13, G17, G18, V16, V18)  

UNIT 10: A positive outlook part A: Teamwork

Language input: vocabulary related to health, sport, and fitness, participle and infinitive clauses part B: Feeling good

Language input: modal verbs (revision), modal verbs alternatives

(M. Vince HW: V13)


The course consists of three 45-minute lessons per week in total. Sign up for one 90-minute and one 45-minute lesson.

The aim of the course is to develop students' language skills towards C1 level (CEFR) with a focus on practical skills regarding speaking, reading, and listening. The course is based on systematic work with the core textbook.

Homework will be assigned from Advanced Language Practice by Michael Vince.