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Practical Language Towards C1 Level

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The syllabus is based on the selected chapters from the student’s book Cambridge English Proficiency Masterclass (Gude et al. 2012) and covers the following units:

WEEK 1 -3

Unit 1 People and places

WEEK 4-6

Unit 2 Environment 

WEEK 7 - 9

Unit 3 Language and culture 

WEEK 10-12

Unit 5 Safety and danger


The aim of the course is the development of language skills equivalent to C1 (CEFR). The course aims at the following areas: the improvement of language accuracy, fluency and the overall complexity of students’ spoken and written discourse; the systematic enrichment of vocabulary, including collocations, idioms, phasal verbs and abstract concepts. The students are encouraged to perceive the language system as a whole and to acquire the use of less frequent phenomena.

Topics for discussion and vocabulary development (including collocations, idioms and word-formation processes): 1. People and places 2. Environment 3. Laguage and culture 4. Safety and danger

Grammar topics: 1. Tense and aspect (expressing past time) 2. Expressing future time 3. Higlighting and emphasis (cleft sentences, inversion, intonation). 4. Past modals (possibility, speculation, obligation and necessity)