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Didactics of History I

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Témata: 1. Proměny výuky dějepisu ve 20. století 2.

Kurikulární reforma a legislativa ve škole 3. Pracujeme na tematickém plánu 4.

Pomůcky ve výuce dějepisu 5. Virtuální hospitace I 6.

Virtuální hospitace II 7. Školní historický pramen 8. Výuka v exteriéru: vycházka, exkurze 9.

Výuka v exteriéru: muzeum 10. Učebnice dějepisu 11.

Pracujeme na přípravě na hodinu


The introductory course in history didactics is dedicated to the formal and theoretical frameworks of history teaching as well as practical methodological issues. Students become familiar with modern methods of constructivist teaching of history, with textbooks and aids that can be used in teaching history.

Students also become familiar with the legislative framework of history teaching (school law, curriculum) and their practical application (school education plan, thematic plan, preparations, evaluation). The aim of the course is to introduce students to the issues of teaching history both from a practical and a theoretical point of view.

Students deepen and systematize the knowledge gained through orientation practice.