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Professional Practice with Reflection

Class at Faculty of Education |


The course allows students to concretize the knowledge and skills from the subject Didactics of FJ I. During independent work at a chosen type of school or other educational institutions and under the guidance of an experienced teacher or lecturer, they will have the opportunity to understand the basic topics associated with educational reality and reflect it through theoretical and practical activities at the faculty.

The student will create a "didactic diary" (portfolio) and formulate a personal list of key issues for further preparation for the follow-up study of teaching. Collaborative reflection on practice is also part of the course.

The student will also become familiar with basic observation and evaluation tools (observation sheets and observation techniques). Topics of observation and reflection include: the school and the place of the school subject in it, the language classroom, the language teacher, the pupil and the student in a language class, didactic material, the curriculum, lesson observation, lesson reflection, foreign language as a leisure activity.