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Algorithms and Programming

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Algoritmy a algoritmizace

Algoritmické konstrukce a struktury

Programování v jazyce C

Základy jazyka

Řídící struktury

Datové typy



Jednorozměrné pole

Textové řetězce

Práce se souborem

Vícerozměrná pole


The course mission is to acquaint students with this low-level universal language (currently one of the most common programming languages), its syntax and specifics (particularly in terms of data access); as well as impart an understanding of basic programming structures, the philosophy of variable types and relevant operators (including the potential of pointers in memory access), and further develop practical skills with an emphasis on appropriate use of this tool (i.e. language construction). At the programming level, course content focuses on the basic tools of the C language, variables, constants, commands, operators, if statements, loops, and the use of both user-defined and library functions.

In addition to this basic tool, the course also places great emphasis on working with files, sorting algorithms, and standard input / output operations.

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