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Globalization and International Relations

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Globalization and history of humankind: Conceptual frameworks

Sociology of globalization

World System Theory

Global, local and glocal: antropological aspects of globalization

Globalization and India

Introduction to international relations

Globalization and environment: The anthropocene

United Nations

Globalization and education

Methodological nationalism and its alternatives

The war and terrorism in a global era

Perspectives: Aspects of the future world


The course focuses on current social, economic, political and cultural issues of the late 20th and early 21st century in a global and European perspective. It introduces students to the various theories of globalisation as established in the contemporary social sciences and uses concrete examples to show not only the manifestations of globalisation but also the parallel processes of regionalisation of the world economy and social and political relations.

All of these processes can be studied both from the broad perspective of the main global actors and the international relations they create, and, at the other end of the scale, from the very specific perspective of the individual, whose life is inscribed in these processes as his or her actual everyday life. A special emphasis is placed on providing students with insight into the inner interconnectedness of these - at first sight often seemingly contradictory, distant, even unrelated - aspects of globalisation, both in the macro perspective of the configurations of international relations and in the micro perspective of the connections and contexts that shape the everyday life of a citizen in contemporary Central Europe.

In this way, the course leads students to recognize that what is seemingly far away is at the same time here and now, and that it can be short-sighted not to be concerned with apparently distant global phenomena.

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