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Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Personality

Class at Faculty of Education |


1. Introduction to developmental psychology and developmental theories

2. Early childhood (newborn, infant, toddler)

3. Preschooler

4. Middle childhood

5. Adolescence (early, middle, late)

6. Early adulthood

7. Temperament

8. Personality traits

9. Achievement personality characteristics

10. Motivational personality characteristics


The course focuses on the basics of developmental and personality psychology that are useful for everyday life and pedagogical profession. The goal is to acquire selected findings from various areas of development and personality and to understand the practical implications of these findings.

After the course, the students will understand developmental needs and individual characteristics that influence education. The first part of the course addresses development from neonatal age to young adulthood and the second part of the course introduces students into the main personality traits, achievement characteristics, and motivational characteristics.