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Social Pedagogy

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•the historical development of social pedagogy,•leading experts in social pedagogy,•relationship between social pedagogy and other disciplines,•the aim, topic, definition, scope of social pedagogy,•the function and tasks of social pedagogy,•the concept of social pedagogy,•environment and education,•multicultural and intercultural education.•social phobia,•educational issues in contemporary school,•causes of pupils problem behaviour,•methods of examining the causes of pupils' problem behaviour,•prevention and solution of pupils' problem behaviour.


The subject helps students to become aware of the contemporary concept of social pedagogy in our country and in the world. It offers students different approaches to the question of education, especially to its social associations.

The focus is on social education, the pedagogy of the environment, the problem of social deviations, the field of work with at-risk social groups and socially disadvantaged groups. Throughout the course students learn about leading experts in social pedagogy, analyse their social and educational activities.