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Introduction to Art and Visual Culture

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The course introduces the terminology and issues of history and theory of art and visual culture of the past and present. Students are acquainted with the selection of basic technical terms, their meaning and their essence. They get to know the meaning of art, its origin and integration into the visual culture of human civilization and the importance of art and its tools for cultivating humanity and human lifestyle. The second face of the course is to get acquainted with the creative intervention of man in visuality, with the emergence of visual communication, the first artefacts and prehistoric buildings. Architecture and art of the oldest civilizations (China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, pre-Columbian America). An important part of the course is the study of basic literature and a visit to museums with prehistoric and ancient monuments of art culture, supplemented by a visit to exhibitions and exhibitions of contemporary art. The aim is to gain the competence to understand the professional aspects of art and art culture and to express oneself about them in understood and internalized professional terms.

1) Basic technical concepts of art culture and art theory. Basic literature.

2) Basic technical concepts of art culture and art history. Basic literature and its search.

3) Prehistory, the emergence of a visually communicating object - the emergence of art, depicting and ornamental artefact.

4) The first civilization, monumental architecture, the first states and their art.