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Basics of Sexology and Reproductive Health

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1. Repetitorium from somatology and physiology of the genital system.

2. Reproductive health. Development of gender identity. Sexual identification, sexual roles, sexual orientation. Development of sexuality in individual stages of life. Sexual maturation.

3. Menstrual cycle. Sexual dysfunction.

4. Sexually transmitted diseases.

5. LGBT in the Czech Republic.

6. Sexual aberration.

7. Contraception. Planned parenthood.

8. Pregnancy. Abortion. Childbirth.

9. Problems of infertility.

10. Current trends in connection with reproductive health.


The aim of the course is to provide an overall insight into human sexuality and factors of reproductive health in all life periods. The course analyses negative aspects harming reproduction health of adolescents and possible prevention.

It includes issues of family planning, infertility and assisted reproduction.

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