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Orientation Practice with Reflection

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Student will practice in the extent of one semester (total of 60 hours of activities per semester):2 hours of introductory seminar4 hours of the final reflective seminar18 - 20 hours of observational and reflective activities at school34 - 36 hours of independent work and completion of tasks (filling in observation sheets and creating a portfolio, which will be presented at the final reflective seminar), including self-study


During the semester, students will visit various facilities: primary school - 1st and 2nd grade, various types of secondary schools and get acquainted with the real conditions of pedagogical practice. During school visits and lessons, students keep written records of the course of the internship.

The internship ends with a reflection seminar. Students will be acquainted with the details of the course of the internship and with specific methodological instructions by the guarantor of the internship before its commencement.

It is possible to find out about specific conditions from the guarantor / teacher of the parallel group.