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Linguistic Interpretation

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SYLLABUS 23  12/10/2023  Introduction; Comprehensive Exam and State Exam Requirements;  Literary and Linguistic/Stylistic interpretation; preliminary sample analysis  19/10/2023  Methodology – Style in Fiction, Chapter 3; Home assignment: pre-analyse a prose sample  26/10/2023 Text analysis 1 –  Prose sample  30/11/2023 Text analysis 2  – Poetry sample   7/12/2023  Text analysis 3 – Topic suggested by students  14/12/2023 Text analysis 4 – Topic suggested by students  21/12/2023 Text analysis 5 – Student sample analyses   4/1/2024  Text analysis 6 –  Student sample analyses


This module motivates the students to deepen their linguistic knowledge, it cultivates their stylistic sensitivity, develops their interpretive skills and reinforces interdisciplinary relationships. Seminar activities which are established on home preparation make use of diverse approaches to text and discourse. Topics:

1. Introduction. Instruments and objectives of linguistic interpretation

2. Prose, poetry and/or drama sample analysis

3. Academic, legal and/or political discourse sample analysis

4. Newspaper, magazine and/or advertising discourse sample analysis

5. Textbook, manual, guidebook and/or graded reader sample analysis

6. (to be suggested by the students themselves)

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