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Stylistic Analysis of the Text

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The student acquires the general knowledge of linguistic analysis of a literary text for the purpose of stylistic analysis. He/she is familiarised with the fundamental terms proceeding from structuralism, the terms which are nowadays topical within the scope of stylistics/stylistic analysis of a literary text after so called linguistic turn (« figures rhétoriques », « liens logiques », « phrase », « genre », « verbe », « aspect »).

The student learns to work with basic terminological and analytical tools and theoretical ideas (Barthes, Todorov, Genette, Molinié) in the literary texts of the 20th and 21st centuries, and well-foundedly orient himself/herself in the borderlines between literary and linguistic analyses.

Consequently, the student gains a sharper awareness of semantic complexity and interpretive openness of the artistic literary form.

« Stylistics: the forgotten discipline of the 20th century »: author’s style; genres; French sentence: the time axis of storytelling; the verb: suspense, aspect; logical connectors: the structure of a text/essay; stylistic devices: the relation between language and imagination

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