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Didactics of Music Education I

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1. Psychological foundations of music education didactics. Music psychology as a science. Musical activities. Basic music psychological categories (musical aptitudes, abilities, skills, habits, musicality, talent, genius, musical prodigies).2. Classification of musical abilities and skills. Musical hearing.3. Rhythmic, tonal and harmonic sensitivity, their development and diagnosis.4. Musical intellectual abilities (musical memory and imagination and their diagnosis, musical thinking). Musical creative abilities - characteristics and diagnosis. Children's musical creativity - stages of its development.- Model situation of the activity concept of HV- Activating teaching methods in HV teaching- Development of musical hearing through a complex of musical activities- Rhythmic training in HV - model situation, rhythmic activities as a source of motivation and active involvement of pupils- Vocal activities, differentiation of music education work according to pupils' abilities and skills.- Characteristics of instrumental activities in school, types of instrumental etudes and their importance for the development of pupils' musicality.- Practical examples of the development of pupils' musical creativity in vocal, instrumental or movement.


Psychological foundations of the music education process. Basic music psychological categories. Psychology of musical abilities and skills. Music diagnostics (tests, scaling). Musical development of a child and its regularities.

Students create their own collective checks of the musicality of students of different ages, create scales to assess the state of musical abilities and skills. They will get acquainted with the methodology of developing individual musical abilities and skills - emphasis will be placed on the development of musical hearing, musical imagination and memory, rhythmic, tonal and harmonic feeling. Pupil differentiation, work with musically lagging and gifted pupils.

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