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School mathematics from the point of view of university mathematics 2

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SYLABUS: Přirozená, celá a racionální čísla Reálná čísla a jejich rozšířeníAlgebraické rovnice a jejich soustavy Kombinatorika I Kombinatorika IIKombinatorika IIIDiskrétní pravděpodobnostZáklady statistiky


The aim of the course is to review, consolidate and consolidate the knowledge of future mathematics teachers in the field of school mathematics, the transfer to university mathematics and applications in the natural sciences. The graduate of the course should be able to orientate himself in the topics discussed, be able to give examples of the topics discussed that are comprehensible to primary or secondary school pupils and choose appropriate tasks demonstrating the application of university mathematics in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools.

After completing the course, the student should be introduced to examples of currently solved, historically important or still open problems. SYLLABUS: Natural, whole and rational numbers Real numbers Extension of the field of real numbers Algebraic expressions Linear equations and their systems Vector spaces Algebraic equations Combinatorics I Combinatorics II Discrete probability Fundamentals of statistics

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