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Mathematics education 3

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Výuka goniometrie a trigonometrie

Práce s daty a statistika

Kombinatorika a pravděpodobnost

Využití Geogebry a ICT ve výuce matematiky

Gradované úlohy ve výuce matematiky

Žáci s SPU v matematice

Žáci talentovaní v matematice


The course has the same aims as Mathematics Education 1 and 2 and is their direct continuation. In the contents listed below, attention will be paid to the didactic reconstruction of the curriculum, student problems, teaching practices, methodical recommendation and re-education of formal knowledge: Goniometry and trigonometry, Data handling and statistics, Combinatorics and probability, Use of Geogebra and ICT in the teaching of mathematics.

Specific attention will be paid to the problem of pupils with special educational needs in mathematics, including pupils with a talent for mathematics, and to the tasks graded in difficulty in teaching and assessment.

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