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Didactics of TV I

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Practical part: 1-2: Practice sprints 3 -4: practice jumps 5-6: practicing throws and throws 7-8: exercise to develop endurance 9-10: athletic games with non-traditional equipment 11-12: analysis of methodological outputs The theoretical part:

1. Human movement, Kinanthropology. Basic concepts. Hypokinesia.

2. Didactics of school physical education, its position in the system of sciences and its definition in the Framework educational programs. Research methods in the didactics of school physical education. Movement and personality of the child.

3. Movement regimes not only in school physical education.

4. Ontogenesis of motor skills, motor learning, forms, methods, procedures, organization in physical education.

5. Personality of the physical education teacher

6. History of physical culture


The subject is focused on the didactics of physical education and the methodology of teaching athletics at primary and secondary schools. In the practical part, students get to know how to lead the practice of selected athletic disciplines (they lead a class with their classmates).

As part of the lectures, students will get to know the skills and knowledge for classifying and managing physical activities and physical education in the primary and secondary schools, as well as the ontogenesis of motor skills, forms, methods and procedures of organization in physical education. The subject also includes basic information on: the personality of the physical education teacher, physical culture, kinanthropology, the issue of sports training as a socio-cultural phenomenon from the point of view of the formation of didactic concepts. The audience will also be introduced to the position of physical education and sport in the cultural development of humanity and their changing role in various socio-historical conditions.

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