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Continuous practice with reflection in high school

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The didactic practice at the secondary school is governed by the specific period of the school year.


The essence of the subject is the teaching practice of physical education students primarily at partner secondary schools of KTV PedF UK, where accompanying teachers work: 1. Litoměřická High School: Mgr. Martin Weiser 2. Voděradská Gymnasium: Mgr. Veronika Bohmanová 3. J.S. Malchar High School: Mgr. Jana Burešová and Mgr. Petr Kváča

The didactic practice of physical education teaching students should include the specifics of the given age category in the primary school educational program. This is not only about hosting and owning lessons, but also participation in the normal operation of the school, i.e. the teacher's pedagogical activities, administration, etc. Framework educational program, using different didactic methods and styles according to the school's possibilities (objects, utensils, tools), but also own teaching, including self-reflection. Didactic practice at secondary school is governed by a specific period of the school year. Processing of basic materials is necessary for credit: preparation for lessons, reflection of own teaching and the entire practice.

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