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Starting a Portfolio

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The course continues to develop reflexive competence, analytical and critical thinking, interpretive and combinational skills of students working with image archives, cultivates their visual sensitivity and other components of visual literacy. It follows the course Creating a portfolio in the bachelor's degree.

The tool of reflection is a portfolio, in the creation of which students learn to search, collect and organize pictorial and other types of materials (cultural texts) into relationship structures, logical or associated links and maps. Working with the portfolio leads the student to higher order thinking about the organization of the content of supporting pictorial materials for thematic areas of art history, visual studies and visual anthropology, then for recognizing the didactic potential of topics and conceptualizing cultural content in teaching practice.

An important place in the course is occupied by professional discussion and respect for diverse opinions, perspectives and interpretations. The construction of the portfolio structure is conceived by each student himself, in consultation and comparison with other members of the discussion group, even if he presents the results of a joint project from the school field.

The portfolio will be developed throughout the study and will become a tool for pedagogical reflection and long-term planning of art education. Introductory acquaintance with image archives of selected personalities of fine arts and art theory.

Possibilities of content organization and possibilities of inspiring moments leading to the creation of a new work. Introductory acquaintance with didactic portfolios of selected personalities of art pedagogy.

Online archives and databases such as Pinterest, etc.