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General and School Didactics

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1. General didactics as a scientific discipline, different conceptions of its place in pedagogical sciences and in practice of teaching profession in historical and international context. Didactic research, information sources.2. Theoretical foundations of teaching and learning, learning paradigms and their didactic implications. Determinants of teaching.3. Educational goals and their key position in the process of planning and implementation of teaching. Relationships between objectives, assessment of learning outcomes and pupil activities.4. Objectives and means of pedagogical diagnostics, evaluation of pupils' learning outcomes, formative evaluation. Results of Czech pupils in international comparison.5. Teaching models, teaching strategies, teaching methods, organizational forms of teaching. Transmissive teaching, conditions for its effective implementation, frontal interactive teaching.6. Constructivistic teaching and conditions for its effective implementation, inquiry-based teaching.7. Socially oriented teaching models, effectively led cooperative teaching.8. Needs of pupils in teaching, didactic means of individualization and personalization of teaching.9. Fundamentals of curriculum theory. Analysis of the system and structure of curricular documents in the Czech Republic, curriculum implementation phase and planning process.10. Basic legal norms in education, school documentation, labor law issues in school practice.


The course develops general prerequisites for the teaching profession, linking theoretical knowledge with didactic analysis of specific teaching situations in the educational system in the Czech Republic. It brings the necessary basic orientation in the legislative environment in education.

It leads students to understand the basic planning, teaching, organizational and evaluation activities of the teacher.

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