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Authority in Education

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The course focuses on the place of authority in education, its definition, understanding, the process of building and applying it. Students will learn about the circumstances of effective use of authority in education in various contexts. The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the issue of building and applying authority in education. The course will also provide students with tools to identify the interaction style of the teacher, which is one of the cornerstones of authority building.

1. The concept of authority and its definition (conceptual fragmentation).

2. Authority in conceptual documents (White Paper, Strategy 2020, FEP, SEP).

3. External factors of authority building (society, school system).

4. Internal factors of authority building (biology, ontogenesis, expertise).

5. The issue of teacher authority from the perspective of its examination.

6. Building the authority of the teacher (relativization of authority and purposeful work with authority).

7. Authority and school (alternative schools).

8. Significant personalities who have become authorities (genesis and comparison of construction and application).

9. Examples of authority (teacher) in fiction or film and television (except for examples used in meetings).

10. Teacher's interaction styles (power constellations, classroom communication).

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