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Special Clinical Intership II

Class at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport |

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Specializovaná praxe v klinických zařízeních.


The course is a follow-up to the subject “Specialized Practice in Clinical Facilities I” and is conducted at specialized departments of clinical departments under the supervision of a physiotherapist-specialist and physician-specialist. Teaching is divided into two parts - in the first part students under the guidance of doctors-specialists of the relevant department get acquainted with the health status of selected patients and improve communication with the doctor.

The second part focuses on providing comprehensive physiotherapeutic care to patients in the relevant departments with the main objective of deepening and extending students' knowledge and skills beyond an undergraduate education. Emphasis is placed on a complex diagnostic approach from the perspective of a physiotherapist, clinical thinking in the spirit of EBM and application of special physiotherapeutic procedures with subsequent evaluation of the effect of applied procedures.

Emphasis is also placed on documentation and the development of protocols documenting both the diagnostic and therapeutic processes.