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Research in Sport Specialization - Gymnastics Sports

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Brief Introduction to Methodology, Basic Research Paradigms - Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Examples from the Field of Gymnastic Sports

Overview of Previous Research in Gymnastic Sports. Types of Research Methods. Databases and Journals.

Writing Scientific Texts. Structure of Scientific Work.

Research Methods for Diagnosing Selected Factors Conditioning Performance in Gymnastic Sports - Somatic, Functional, Pedagogical-Didactic, Physical, Rules. Reliability of Gymnastic Performance Assessment, Critical Difference, Normalization of Results.

Methods for Diagnosing the Technique of Performing Gymnastic Skills.

Seminars: 1-7. Contents of individual seminars are logically connected to the topics covered in the lectures. Students present the results of processing their final theses, gain practical experience with the use of selected data collection methods; processing and evaluating data, including work focused on the analysis of exercise techniques.


The course expands the theoretical knowledge and professional skills of students specializing in gymnastic sports. It provides a comprehensive overview of current research and methods used in the field of gymnastic sports.

Emphasis is particularly given to applied research in relation to specific performance characteristics in gymnastic sports.