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Course content: Lectures:1. Introduction to the basics of anthropomotorics as a scientific field. Constructs of motor skills (terminology, taxonomy of motor skills, physical exercises, physical fitness, phylogeny of motor skills).2. Motor prerequisites - theory of motor abilities and motor skills (conditioning and coordination abilities, structure of motor abilities, differences between motor abilities and motor skills).3. A complex of strength and speed abilities (structure, biological essence, diagnostics - selected examples, development).4. A complex of endurance and dexterity (coordination) abilities (structure, biological essence, diagnostics - selected examples).5. Basics of testing and measurement in physical education and sports practice, basic properties of motor tests.6. Test systems. Eurofit for youth and Eurofit for adults, Unifittest 6-60, Fitnessgram, Senior fitness test.7. Somatic and motor development of an individual - motor ontogeny (periodization, characteristics of individual periods, biological age.Seminars:1. Manifestations of motor laterality in gym and sports practice. Diagnostics, practical examples.2. Basic mathematical and statistical procedures for data processing. Addiction rates.3. Group testing of basic motor skills, recording of test results, processing of an individual motor profile.4. Processing of test results, standardization of data, interpretation, principles of norms and standards for individual evaluation of motor skills.5. Selected tests for the diagnosis of motor skills, tests of motor docility.6. Group measurement of selected features of body structure, determination of somatotype, interpretation of results using recommended standards and norms.7. Determination of biological proportional age. Summary, review of credit requirements.


Course objectives: Introduction to basic terminology and principles of physical activity and human motor skills applied in physical education and sports activities. Motor skills and motor skills.

Motor and somatic development. Somatic typology.

Basics of testing and diagnostics of motor skills.

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