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Cardiovascular Science

Study programme at Third Faculty of Medicine |
🇨🇿 PhD.


The graduate is capable of independent research in the field of cardiovascular science on a high level. He/she acquired a deep knowledge of the entire spectrum of cardiovascular (c-v) research fields: c-v anatomy, c-v histology, c-v embryology, c-v physiology, c-v pathology, c-v pathophysiology, c-v biochemistry, c-v epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of c-v diseases.

The graduate may become an university teacher, researcher in any other research organization, leader in private companies (focused on c-v diseases), leading or chief physician in clinical practice. The graduate is able to realize his/her original research ideas and present them in the form of original papers in leading peer-reviewed journals and also presentations at leading world conferences in the given specialty.