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Treatment of ocular surface injuries by limbal and mesenchymal stem cells growing on nanofiber scaffolds.

Publication at Faculty of Science, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport |


The paper describes the use of novel nanofiber scaffolds fabricated from polyamid P6/12 for the growth of limbal stem cells (LSC) and mesechymal stem cellls (MSC). The cells grew on nanofibers comparable well as on plastic surfaces.

The cells growing on these nanofibers were transferred on the damaged ocular surface in experimental mouse nodel where their trafic from the nanofibers onto ocular surface was monitored. The transferred cells supported a healing process after ocular injury and significantly inhibited a local inflammatory reaction.

The results thus showed that LSC and MSC growing on nanofiber scaffolds can be successfully used for the treatment of ocular surface injuries and limbal stem cell deficiencies.