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Taraxacum gratum, a new species of the section Erythrocarpa from the Transcaucasus.

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A new species of Taraxacum sect. Erythrocarpa, T. gratum is described from Central Georgia, the Transcaucasus Region.

The new species is distinct in the very early flowering, yellow or pale stigmas, absence of pollen, large reddish fruits and dark coloration of loosely appressed outer involucral bracts. The new species know from a number of localities in the Tbilisi region.

It is compared with the other members of the sect. Erythrocarpa described or known from the Caucasus and with more widespread and generally accepted Erythrocarpa species from the C. and E.

Mediterranean. A new name, T. voricola A.J.

Richards is proposed to substitute a later homonym, T. albomarginatum A.J. Richards of this section.