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Phylogeny of entelegyne spiders: Affinities of the family Penestomidae (NEW RANK), generic phylogeny of Eresidae, and asymmetric rates of change in spinning organ evolution (Araneae, Araneoidea, Entelegynae)

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The taxonomic revision of the family Eresidae is presented. The family Penestomidae (NEW RANK) is established.

Tamgrinia, not Neoramia, is the cribellate sister clade of the ecribellate Agelenidae. Tamgrinia and the subfamily Coelotinae are transferred from the family Amaurobiidae to the family Agelenidae.

Zanomys and its relatives are not coelotines but belong to a clade tentatively identified as Macrobuninae. Parsimony optimization indicates repeated appearances of the cribellum, primitive araneomorph spinning organ.