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Fourty five years of the International Waterbird Census in the Czech Republic

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International Waterbird Census (IWC) has been carried out on 48–638 wetland sites in the Czech Republic in January since 1966. The IWC counts were carried out at 48–200 wetlands sites in January 1966–2003.

The coverage of sites in the Czech Republic has been more extensive since January 2004. In total, 479–639 sites were counted annually in January 2004– 2008 (Fig. 1).

Regional coverage of the Czech Republic (Fig. 2–9) as well as the proportion of running and standing waters (Fig. 10) in the total sites has not changed in 1966–2010. Altogether, 3,670,830 birds of 98 waterbird species were counted on 1,078 wetland sites in the Czech Republic during the study period.