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Clinically driven design of multi-scale cancer models: the ContraCancrum project paradigm

Publication at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics |


The challenge of modelling cancer presents a major opportunity to improve our ability to reduce mortality from malignant neoplasms, improve treatments and meet the demands associated with the individualization of care needs. This is the central motivation behind the ContraCancrum project.

By developing integrated multi-scale cancer models, ContraCancrum is expected to contribute to the advancement of in silico oncology through the optimization of cancer treatment in the patient-individualized context by simulating the response to various therapeutic regimens. The aim of the present paper is to describe a novel paradigm for designing clinically driven multi-scale cancer modelling by bringing together basic science and information technology modules.

In addition, the integration of the multi-scale tumour modelling components has led to novel concepts of personalized clinical decision support in the context of predictive oncology, as is also discussed in the paper.