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Time-dependent spectral-feature variations of stars displaying the B[e] phenomenon

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We present results of nearly six years of spectroscopic observations of the B[e] star V2028 Cyg. The presence of the cold-type absorption lines combined with a hot-type spectrum indicate the binarity of this object.

Since B[e] stars are embedded in an extended envelope, the usage of common stellar atmosphere models for the analysis is quite inappropriate. Therefore, we focus on the analysis of the long-term spectral line variations in order to determine the nature of this object.

We present the time dependences of the equivalent width and radial velocities of the Ha line, [O I] 6300 angstrom, Fe II 6427, 6433, and 6456 angstrom lines. The bisector variations and line intensities are shown for the Ha line.

The radial velocities are also measured for the absorption lines of the K component. No periodic variation is found.

The observed data show correlations between the measured quantities, which can be used in future modelling.