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Life satisfaction in persons with different nutrition habits

Publication at First Faculty of Medicine |


The research study presents psychological relations in experiencing life satisfaction between respondents with standard eating habits and participants eating macrobiotics. Aim is to investigate statistical significance of difference in experiencing of life satisfaction between the macrobiotic and comparative groups.

A research sample included 120 participants. The macrobiotic group constituted of 60 students or graduates of humanity studies, in the age of 23 – 35, eating according to the model of macrobiotic diet.

The comparative group was selected by a method of pairing and included 60 students or graduates, corresponding to the age, sex and education, eating conventionally. The testing battery consisted of the Selective Questionnaire on eating habits and the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire.

The macrobiotic group obtained significantly higher total score of life satisfaction in the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire. Significant differences appeared in areas of Health, Job and Profession and Finances.

Statistically significant differences were found in experiencing life satisfaction between the comparative groups. The macrobiotic group showed higher rate of global life satisfaction.